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Dominica ngetokake update pasca Badai Maria

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Dominica is continuing its efforts to bring daily life back to a state of normalcy after Hurricane Maria

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In the wake of the passage of Hurricane Maria some six weeks ago, Dominica is continuing its efforts to bring daily life back to a state of normalcy while conducting ongoing assessments of the damage incurred and the resources needed to Build Back Better!

Independence Celebrations

Plans are in high gear to celebrate the island’s 39th year of Independence on Friday, November 3, 2017, under the theme “Building a brighter future together”. A praise and worship session is planned for 9 am at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium in the capital, Roseau. The celebration will include cultural performances, invocation by religious leaders, a parade of uniformed troops, and the Prime Minister’s Address to the nation.

Regarding the tourism infrastructure, the following should be noted:


The following properties are opened to welcome visitors: Atlantique View Resort, Caribbean Seaview Apartments, Classique International Guest House, Coffeeriver Cottages, Hibiscus Valley Inn, Picard Family Guest House, Pointe Baptiste Guest House, Portsmouth Beach Hotel, Rejens Hotel, Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, St. James Guest House, Suite Pepper Cottage, Sunset Bay Club, and Tamarind Tree Hotel.


Air Antilles, Air Sunshine, LIAT, Seaborne Airlines, WINAIR, lan Trans Island Air kabeh ngumumake layanan dilanjutake menyang Bandara Douglas Charles. Transportasi Udara Costal lan Carriers Express uga nerusake layanan rutin menyang Bandara Canefield. Layanan ferry cepet L'Express des Iles dioperasikake saben dinane antarane Dominica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, lan St. Lucia. Pelancong sing kepengin ngunjungi papan kudu takon karo agen perjalanan utawa ing situs web macem-macem operator.

Situs Nyilem

The Dominica Watersports Association has reported 35% damage to reefs at 10 dive sites. All dive operators are closed, however some are expected to reopen in January 2018. Once operations resume, the number of dives per site will be reduced to limit any negative impact on the fragile underwater ecosystem.

Jejak Nasional Waitukubuli

All 14 segments of the Waitukubuli National Trail remain closed. Assessments are currently being undertaken to assess the damage to the trail.

Relief Operations

Relief efforts are being coordinated by the Office of the Prime Minister through the Emergency Organizing Committee.

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