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Zambia pengin Dewan Pariwisata Afrika ngetrapake pendekatan inklusif

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ditulis dening Juergen T Steinmetz

Dewan Pariwisata Afrika CEO (ATB) Doris Woerfel lan Cuthbert Ncube, Wakil Presiden ATB sing anyar, ketemu karo Mwabashike Nkulukus, Direktur Pemasaran Badan Pariwisata Zambia, dina iki ing Indaba, pameran perdagangan industri lelungan paling gedhe ing Afrika Selatan, sing lagi ditindakake ing Durban .

Cuthbert Ncube marang eTurboNews: “We had a very successful meeting and agreed on a need to a more synergized approach in the Southern African region.”

Zambia is calling for the African Tourism Board to implement and drive the inclusiveness approach. Priding Zambia with its geographic advantage location linking with XNUMX African nations, it is ideally situated to cooperate in the field of travel and tourism and every region’s exclusive products.

Mr. Mwabashike emphasized the need to have a brotherhood approach to help Africa to understand its full potential. The Zambia Tourism director was in full support of this great initiative and was looking forward to being part of the African Tourism Board.

In XNUMX  Mr. Nkulukusa joins the Zambia Tourism Board with over XNUMX years of industrial experience predominantly in the global tertiary education and tourism markets. His recent roles included that of Marketing Manager at the Australian Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT), Business Development Manager at the Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) and Tourism and Investment Marketing Lecturer at the Zambia Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (ZIDIS). Among other qualifications, Mr. Nkulukusa holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of marketing (CIM) and an MBA in Global Corporate Strategies from Cyprus. He is also a fellow and member of the Zambia Institute of Marketing (ZIM) and CIM respectively. ATM is confident that Mr. Nkulukusa brings to the Zambian tourism industry and its stakeholders elaborate experience, dedication, and passion as he has demonstrated throughout his career.

Didhisiki ing 2018, Dewan Pariwisata Afrika minangka asosiasi sing diakoni sacara internasional amarga dadi katalis pangembangan pariwisata lan pariwisata sing tanggung jawab menyang, saka, lan ing wilayah Afrika. Kanggo informasi luwih lengkap lan cara gabung, bukak africantourismboard.com.

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