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Blogger perjalanan Australia dibebasake saka kunjara Iran

Iran mbebasake blogger lelungan Australia kanthi pertukaran tawanan
Jolie King Mark Firkin Instagram 1
ditulis dening eTN Ngatur Editor

Two Australian travel bloggers who were detained for three months after being arrested for flying a drone near a military zone without a license were released and sent back to Australia.

Iran authorities dropped its charges against Australian-British blogger Jolie King and her fiancé Mark Firkin,  They had been held in the notorious Evin Prison in Tehran since early July.

King and Firkin were released as part of a possible prisoner swap, according to The Associated Press.

At the same time as the couple’s release, Iranian state-run television reported that Reza Dehbashi, an Iranian scientist who was detained for 13 months in Australia over the purchase of a defense system for his country from the United States, had returned home.

Iranian TV said that the Australian judiciary had planned to send Dehbashi to the U.S. but that he was released through Tehran’s diplomatic efforts.

King and Firkin thanked the Australian government and released a statement, saying: “We are extremely happy and relieved to be safely back in Australia with those we love. While the past few months have been very difficult, we know it has also been tough for those back home who have been worried for us.”

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