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Menteri Pariwisata Jamaika melu ing KTT Global WTTC ing Meksiko

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Pariwisata Jamaika Minister Bartlett will join President & CEO of the U.S Travel Association, Roger Dow, Yucatán Governor, Mauricio Vila Dosal; and Minister of Foreign Trade & Tourism for Peru, Claudia Cornejo, on April 27, for a panel discussion. The session will focus on the role of states in enabling their destinations to grow sustainably and inclusively, while also ensuring the sector can reach its social impact potential.

Organizers have stated that there will be stringent health and hygiene protocols in place, including on-site testing, restricted capacity to ensure physical distancing, and extensive outdoor activities, to ensure the wellbeing of all attendees. Additionally, they have introduced strict measures to create a bubble and strongly recommend attendees stay in the Moon Palace complex, which will play host to the event.

WTTC’s annual Global Summit is the most influential Travel & Tourism event on the calendar, where the highest-level industry leaders meet with key government representatives to take action on the biggest and most important issues across the international agenda. This year, the Global Summit will be exploring the challenges ahead and providing a platform for the recovery of the sector.

It is taking place in a hybrid format, allowing persons to watch the sessions online via a virtual platform. The in-person Summit is an invitation-only event for WTTC Members, Government Ministers, and chosen VIP guests. Minister Bartlett left the island on April 25 and is slated to return on April 28.

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