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Pilih basa sampeyan

Chimpanzees are closer relatives to humans, making them vulnerable to infectious human diseases on closer contacts with tourists and people neighboring the parks.

Tanzania is home to chimpanzee communities in Mahale and Gombe national parks, while others have their natural habitats in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Gabon together with Mountain gorillas.

Conservationists in Africa have earlier last year raised their worries over possible transmission of Covid-19 from humans to Mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees in Africa.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) had warned over possible spread of Covid-19 to Mountain gorillas living in Rwanda, Uganda, Congo and the entire equatorial forest region in Africa.

As the virus infects more people around the world, conservationists are warning of the risk of Africa’s endangered mountain gorillas.

WWF ngelingake manawa primata nuduhake DNA karo manungsa kanthi 98 persen, ujar yen kewan kasebut duwe risiko kena infeksi virus corona.

Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Gabon are famous African countries protecting gorillas for tourism and nature heritage.

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