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Harta Seychelles: 5 Hadiah Lokal sing Bakal Digawa Bali

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Seychelles gifts

The end of a journey is always the hardest part, but you don’t have to say goodbye to paradise as you leave the Seychelles Islands. The archipelago offers you an array of gifts to share with your loved ones or to simply cherish in remembrance of your exotic escape.

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  1. From scents, to jewels, to crafts and more, there will be no lack over treasures to bring back home after a visit to the Seychelles.
  2. Uniquely handcrafted souvenirs made with love always have a special place, and locally-made products use materials supplied by nature.
  3. And you can never go wrong with a gift that will make a lasting impression on palates back home with such culinary delights as saffron, masala, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.

Scents of Seychelles

Visit the lush rainforests and sandy beaches of the islands without leaving your home with scents from locally-produced perfume lines. Inspired by the aroma of exotic flora of Seychelles, these perfumes will seduce you with sultry vanilla, sweet-tangy lemongrass and warm musky tones. Some of these local scents are produced at the oldest perfume manufacturing laboratory in the region. Sure to impress, these fragrances will be adored by your loved ones and transport you back to the tropics.

Logo Seychelles 2021

Show your body some love with some local inspired body products made right here in pristine paradise! Covered in exotic flora, the islands have a range of natural, organic ingredients that have been blended to cater for your every skin requirement by locally produced brands. Grainy scrubs take you back to the sandy shores and exfoliate your skin, and a range of moisturizers with hints of warm vanilla, fresh sea salt and sweet citronella to give your skin that tropical glow.

A jewel from the Garden of Eden

Kapuloan Seychelles is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, one of them being the Vallée de Mai, rumored to be the home of the Garden of Eden. The lush haven on Praslin hosts a trove of treasures including the unique Coco de Mer palm, which happens to produce the world’s largest nut, endemic to the islands. You can show off this one-of-a-kind nut by whisking one or two home with you. Getting your hands on a Coco de Mer is simpler than one can imagine; simply head over to either the kiosks on Frances Rachel Street in Victoria, the Seychelles Island Foundation (SIF) or Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA) and purchase one of your choosing, making sure it carries an authenticity certificate to show it has been legally obtained, and not poached. Head over to the National Biosecurity Agency at Orion Mall, Victoria to ensure you experience no troubles at the airport. The provocative pelvis-shaped nut – each one is different – is sure to create conversations about your holiday in paradise.

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