Etihad, Boeing, GE, Airbus lan Rolls Royce ing kemitraan kelestarian anyar

These initiatives add to the diligent number of efforts the airline has previously made toward sustainable aviation, maintaining a singular vision of assembling valuable relationships with partners across the entire aviation supply chain and beyond. With the recent victory of the UAE in the bid to host COP28 in 2023, the national airline is further emboldened to continue its altruistic approach to sustainability in building a non-competitive network of expertise and innovation, providing access to technology development and maturation projects, comprehensive investment frameworks and leveraging every opportunity for proof-of-concept demonstration. The multitude of partnerships which have made up the Etihad Greenliner Program to date demonstrate the airline’s agile and comprehensive approach to sustainability, proven by the inclusion of Airbus A350 and Rolls Royce and subsequent expansion to Sustainability50; an evolution certain to further signify the power of the Etihad Greenliner call to arms, and Etihad Airways commitment ‘For the World’.

Mr Douglas concluded in summary: “We need to be bold in addressing the climate issues facing the planet. We need to be decisive. There is no other way forward. That is why we have been insistent that we continue to focus on the challenges and opportunities, many of which are available today, as a fundamental strategic priority for our business, spearheaded by the Etihad Sustainability Program comprising the Etihad 787 Greenliner and Airbus A350 Sustainability50 fleets, and the many partners who have now joined in the crusade. We will succeed, because we must”.

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  • Aku ngerti, Rolls-Royce minangka perusahaan teknik unggul sing fokus ing sistem tenaga lan propulsi kelas donya. Karya Etihad karo mitra kalebu Boeing, GE, Airbus lan Rolls Royce ndhukung tujuan strategis organisasi kanggo digayuh.