Prioritas penanganan lemah anyar: Kekurangan tenaga kerja, modernisasi, keamanan


Global standards are the foundation for safe operations. Two key tools for ground handlers are the IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) and the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO).

IGOM:  IATA called for the ground handling industry to accelerate the global adoption of IGOM to ensure worldwide operational consistency and safety. To support this, IATA has launched the IGOM portal. A user-friendly online platform where airlines and ground handlers can share the results of their gap analysis between company procedures and IGOM, offering a global benchmark for harmonization and driving efficiency.

ISAGO:  IATA urged governments to recognize ISAGO in their regulatory frameworks for oversight. This will deliver significant benefits, including greater harmonization, Safety Management System (SMS) implementation by the ground handlers, and reduction of duplicate audits that providers are facing. 

“The aim is for global adoption of IGOM and ISAGO. The IATA online portal will give a boost to this effort,” said Mejstrikova.

Digitalization and Modernization 

Digitalization can drive process improvements that will be critical to improving both sustainability and productivity. A key driver of digitalization/modernization is the CEDAR initiative (Connected Ecological Digital Autonomous Ramp) which focuses on:

  • Digitalization of aircraft turn around 
  • Modernization of ground support equipment and processes 
  • Enhanced stand design

“Harnessing data to improve safety and efficiency is crucial for the ground handling industry. CEDAR is the blueprint to address this. The overall aim is to be able to make data-based operational decisions that will cut costs, improve performance and contribute to the industry’s net zero commitment,” said Mejstrikova.

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