Garuda Indonesia pungkasan taun 2013 kanthi pendapatan operasional $ 3.72 milyar

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JAKARTA, Indonesia – Garuda Indonesia ended 2013 with an Operating Revenue of USD 3.72 billion.

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JAKARTA, Indonesia – Garuda Indonesia ended 2013 with an Operating Revenue of USD 3.72 billion. Meanwhile Operating Income decreased by 66.4 percent, amounting to USD 56.4 million, compared to the amount of USD 168.1 million received in 2012. Income for the period also declined from USD. 110.8 million in 2012 to USD 11.2 million in 2013.

Garuda Indonesia President & CEO, Emirsyah Satar, said that Garuda Indonesia’s financial performance in 2013 was influenced by rupiah’s decline against the US dollar. Besides, in 2013 Garuda also focused on funding new airplanes to support increasing operations-for either Garuda or Citilink. “Apart from that, despite receiving less in income, in 2013 Garuda managed to pay off debt amounting to a total of USD 130 million; consisiting of USD 55 million from Citi Club Deal-1, and USD 75 milion from Indonesia Exim Bank” added Emir.

In 2013, Garuda Indonesia transported 25 million passengers; an increase of 22.3 percent compared to the 20.4 million passengers in 2012. Production capacity (availability seat kilometer/ASK) in 2013 also increased by 19.8 percent, from 36 billion in 2012 to 43.13 billion in 2013. Garuda Indonesia also succeeded in increasing cargo volume to 345.923 tons, a rise by 23.4 persen from last year’s 280.285 tons. Passenger “yield” declined (6.1 persen) from USc 9.65 in 2012 to USc 9.1 in 2013.

Throughout 2013, Garuda Indonesia’s domestic and international flight frequencies also experienced an increase by 28.1 percent from 153,266 flights in 2012 to 196,403 flights.

Meanwhile, as it continues to carry out network and fleet expansion throughout 2013, Garuda Indonesia managed to maintain Aircraft Utilization at 10:44 hours. Seat Load Factor/SLF reached 74.1 percent, a slight declline compared to last year’s 75.9 percent and On Time Performance (OTP) in 2013 reached 83.8 percent, compared to 84.9 percent last year.

In 2013, Garuda Indonesia international market share was 23.5 percent; whereas in previously in 2012 reached 24.1 percent. Meanwhile, market share for domestic passengers in 2013 was 28 percent, a slight decrease compared ro last year’s 28.2 percent.

In 2013, Garuda Indonesia Group received 36 new aircraft consisting of four (4) Boeing 777-300 ER, two (2) Airbus A330-200, one (1) Airbus 330-300, ten (10) Boeing 737-800 Next Generation, seven (7) Bombardier CRJ-1000 NextGen, two (2) ATR 72-600, dan ten (10) Airbus A320 for Citilink, making the total number of aircraft in operation throughout 2013 140 airplanes of aged on average 5 years old.
Operational Expansion and Improved Service in 2013

In line with the growth in the domestic and international airline markets, in 2013 Garuda opened several domestic and international services, such as Bandung – Denpasar, Batam – Pekanbaru, Balikpapan – Banjarmasin, Balikpapan – Menado, Balikpapan – Berau, Jakarta – Bengkulu, Jakarta – Tanjung Pandan, Jakarta – Tanjung Pinang, Makassar – Sorong – Manokwari – Jayapura, and Surabaya – Singapore, Denpasar – Brisbane, Jakarta – Osaka, and Jakarta – Perth.

Through a partnership with Etihad Airways, in 2013 Garuda increased service to six new destinations in Europe and the Middle East served by the United Arab Emirate carrier, namely to Frankfurt, Brussels, Milan, Dusseldorf, Munich, and Bahrain.

In May 2013, Garuda opened its Medan hub to serve fllights (increase connectivity) in the western region of Indonesia. Through this Medan hub, Garuda Indonesia serves direct flights from Medan to the surrounding cities, such as Pekanbaru, Batam, Palembang, Padang, Aceh and Penang. To serve flights out the Medan hub, Garuda operates the CRJ1000.

In July 2013, Garuda introduced a “New Service Concept” that brings “First Class” service on board its new Boeing 777-300 ER fleet, as well as new and improved “Executive Class” and “Economy Class” services.

As part of efforts to strengthen its network in the domestic sector, in November 2013, Garuda Indonesia introduced the sub-brand, “Explore” – following the addition of the ATR72-600 turboprop in the airline’s operational fleet. Besides the “Explore” sub-brand, Garuda Indonesia also launched the “Explore Jet” sub-brand with the operation of a Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen fleet since October 2012 to serve Garuda Indonesia flights in the eastern and western regions of Indonesia.

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